As a person who is interested in the  Marketing Field, first of all, they have to know about the “Six Fundamentals of Marketing”, as by knowing these marketing fundamentals the person will become a perfect marketer.

As Marketers, the Fundamental thing is we have to know about our Consumers if you know who your consumers then it is easy to capture the market about your product which means which customer is buying your product if you research it then your product and also you will be a success in the market, for example, a 60-year old man who is buying your product for her granddaughter and the granddaughter is not buying your product so you must have to concentrate such type of persons to reach our product in the Market.

Here the Marketing is  “What you Say and How to Say” which means you have to convince the people how your product is awesome and why the people should buy your product and also as well as the benefits of the product. Nowadays Marketing is an ad, Marketing is a Broucher Marketing is a Press release, Marketing is a Facebook ad page and most recently Marketing is Twitter. By using these Social Media Platforms the Marketing Business is expanding so much and also healthy competition is going on in the development of Marketing.

At the starting stage, these  “Six Fundamentals of Marketing” help the Businesspersons. Marketing is key to the Organization’s success at a fundamental level marketing is the process of understanding your Customer needs and Maintaining relationships with them in a good way. With the help of Automations tools, the Marketing and the Sales team coordinate with each other to get better results and to reach the goals in a successful manner.

The ” Six Fundamentals of Marketing” are Research, Communication, Creativity, Evaluation, Revision, and Delivery. By using these fundamentals we can guess and capture the day-to-day strategies of Marketing at any time and anywhere, Can we learn briefly about those fundamentals,

six fundamentals of marketing

Research: The First step of any project is Research is vital for every Marketing challenge for the best marketing campaigns we have to research the competitors in the market, the audiences, and also the barriers these are all play an important role in brand positioning.

Communication:  This is another important role for the business person in companies, without communication, the marketing companies didn’t get reputation to their product in the market and the product didn’t reach the Customer that’s why communication is very important for a marketing person.

Creativity: The next step in the “Six Fundamentals of Marketing” is Creativity, it means how to design a product by using our creative experience in the present situation the Customer more concentrates on Creativity regarding their requirements whether it is business to business or business to customer so that the marketers also have the creative mind to reach the requirements and strategies of Customer.

Evaluation:  It is vital to continuously evaluate a marketing project, it is helpful to set project benchmarks, timelines, and deadlines throughout a marketing campaign for guidance. This Fundamental option is not only for our companies purpose but it is also useful as well as for the Client purpose also. Evaluation means Expanding the project by conducting the meeting with the clients and gathering the requirements and suggestions from them to expose the project related to the Marketing Strategies.

Revision: Revise and Revise is the most important option in the fundamentals because when we revise more and more times about the marketing then we will get some ideas about marketing strategies and also our product will be reached our targeted audience successfully.

Delivery: The Final option in the “Six Fundamentals Marketing” is  Delivery, once our Timelines, deadlines, and marketing campaigns are ready the final thing is delivering the Project Carefully to the Customer. After the project is delivered we have to follow the marketing strategies and we have to maintain the day-to-day report of the project in the market.

Every  Marketer or Digital Marketer should have to know these basic “Six Fundamentals of Marketing” then only we will get the somewhat basic knowledge about the Marketing Strategies.

With these “Six Fundamentals of Marketing”, I would like to say the 4p’s of Marketing also those are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place these 4p’s are also playing a major role in Marketing.  The persons who are interested to learn about the Marketing strategies would like to learn about these 4p’s along with the fundamentals of Marketing also.

Product: What product you are going to sell whether it may be a luxury item, food item, or an item relate to widgets whatever it may be you have to think about that product how to package it and how to present it in front of you targeted Customers because nowadays the customers are familiar with everything that they know.

Price: To Know how much cost your product will be in the market you should have to do Research about the Product in the Market, I already told you about the Research topic in the above “Six Fundamentals of Marketing” like that we have to do then only we will get some knowledge about the marketing prices related to our product.

Promotion: In these days there are so many ways to promote your business by using so many channels. Marketers have so many channels to promote their business through many channels like TV ads to Social media ads, the only way is you have to decide the right way to promote your brand by using Traditional marketing or  Digital Marketing, these two are also part of the “Six Fundamentals of Marketing”.

Place: And finally where your product will be placed that means the Customer will have to buy your product online or they need to visit the Store.Because Nowadays the Inbound Marketing Strategies helps to engage the content and bring the Customers to your website.

And finally, the persons who are interested to develop their carrier in marketing please go through these “Six Fundamentals of Marketing” and as well as the “4p’s of Marketing” also. Because these two topics are very useful to their marketing carrier and without knowing these fundamentals we can’t guess the Marketing Strategies.




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